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Brightside Team Recipe Feature

Thomas Trudell is Administrative Coordinator at Brightside. Thomas has for you a colourful nacho recipe, just in time for the weekend.

Thomas: “Ok, you’ve had nachos, you know the drill. But I just can’t get over the price of cheese, so here is the trick so you can use less cheese and stretch it out:”

Recipe: Colourful Bean-Dip Nachos



  1. Bean Topping / Dip

    Take a tub of sour cream and a can of refried beans and mix them together with half the taco seasoning. I don’t recommend low fat sour cream, you’ll thank me for the extra creaminess! This mixture also works best if you heat it just slightly so it is easier to drizzle. You won’t use it all, but it makes a good bean dip for your leftover chips later! Set aside the mix for now so the spices soak in.

  2. MEAT (or Meat Alternative) Time!

    Cook up the meat or alternative, add the rest of spice and water as directed on the seasoning and cook down. Adding more spice or onions is optional. Set aside meat for now.

  3. Colourful Veggies

    Dice up desired veggies. I love the corn and black olives, and usually use the canned variety. Just make sure anything canned is drained and dried off so the chips don’t get soggy. Try to get as many different colors as you can!

  4. Layer It Up and Bake!

    When ready, layer it up- chips first, then meat, bean mix, veggies and lastly cheese. I am generous with the bean mix to give an extra creaminess without needing much cheese at all. Put in the oven to broil, bake at high heat for 5-7 minutes or as desired.

  5. Ready to Eat

    When done top with hot sauce! It should look like a child’s art project, and hopefully you had fun making it. Eat up, and try to share (if you can)!

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