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Our Approach

Brightside Touch

Brightside’s mission is to provide affordable homes to those who need it most and to fight for a future where people of all income levels have a home within a vibrant and healthy community. Seniors, families and people with disabilities are some of the most significantly impacted by the housing affordability crisis facing our city. The ‘Brightside touch’ is exemplified by our singular focus on the welfare of all our residents and ensuring we are able to go above and beyond to meet the needs of current and future residents in the long-term.

In addition to providing affordable housing for those who need it most, Brightside places important focus on community development that fosters strong social connections and resilience among its residents.

About Us

In our future, people of all income levels have a home within a vibrant and healthy community.

In 1952, inspired by the vision and dedication of a small group of people, and with the support of various levels of government, Housing Foundation of BC was incorporated under the Society Act of BC as a non-profit society providing low-cost housing to senior citizens in Vancouver.

“I appreciate the positive initiative (it represents) with respect to healthier individuals and healthier communities.” – Doran, Alice Saunders Resident

Over 65 years later, with the same mandate but much larger community impact, including families and people with disabilities, the organization has rebranded as Brightside Community Homes Foundation to better reflect its mission. Brightside is a private-sector, non-profit organization that currently owns and manages 26 buildings comprising of 940 units across the city of Vancouver. With assets of nearly $250 million, it is one of British Columbia’s largest housing societies.


Build resilient communities, throughout Vancouver, with safe and secure homes for those struggling to meet the demands of market housing.


A future where people of all income levels have a home within a vibrant and healthy community.


We value maintaining Clarity

The way we go about our work and interact with others is always understood, expected and, most importantly, valued.
To maintain Clarity, we must be fair, open, and consistent.


We value being Progressive

We have achieved great things through bold ideas and a comfort in our leadership role.
To be Progressive, we must be adaptive, flexible, and pro-active.

We value being Resourceful

To provide the best service possible, we need to be open to change and eager to constantly improve.
To be Resourceful, we must be rigorous, diligent, and be great problem solvers.


We value being Inclusive

We cannot do this alone. Everyone from our partners to our tenants are part of us and must be valued equally.
To be Inclusive, we must be respectful, approachable, and empathetic.


To learn more about Brightside’s positive impact on residents and the community, our Board of Directors, recent initiatives and goals for the future, please read some of our reports available below.


Impact Report

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