Reporting an Issue

In case of a medical emergency, fire or police incident, please call 911 immediately.

If your emergency is related to property damage due to a leak, flood, lack of heat, lack of hot water, inoperable elevators or other urgent matters, please call our office during regular office hours at (604) 684 3515 or the after-hours call center at 1 (888) 622 6250.


For non-urgent repair items, please complete a Request for Repairs form and place it in the manager’s box at your building. They are picked up twice a week and prioritized based on urgency.

Submit Request for Repairs Online

Download the fillable paper Request for Repairs form here.


If you have a complaint about another resident, try to talk to your neighbour first. People often don’t realize and don’t mean to disturb their neighbours. If issues cannot be resolved, please complete and submit a written complaint using the appropriate complaint form.

All complaints and other issues must be submitted in writing on our complaints form and must contain details including time, date and nature of the incident. Verbal and anonymous complaints cannot be accepted. Please note all residents have the right to dispute complaints.

Submit Resident Complaint Online

Download the paper Resident Complaint Form here.