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A Message from the CEO

I am so pleased to be able to share that this will be our final COVID Brief to you all. I am extremely proud of how our province has pulled together, stayed calm, kind and safe to have one of the best outcomes in the world in regards to the spread of the pandemic.

I want to thank all of you, the Residents of Brightside, for taking this seriously and avoiding outbreaks within our community. I also want to thank Brightside staff from the bottom of my heart for their hard work, flexibility, resilience and creativity in adapting to so many unknowns over the last few months.

While we need to stay vigilant to avoid a second wave and continue practices like wearing a mask when out in public and washing hands frequently and thoroughly, I am so pleased we can relax a bit and bring back some normal activities into our lives.

This will be our last brief unless we need to resume frequent communications. Thanks again for all you do to make our community strong and safe.



Brightside Brief

Looking back over the course of the past five months, one cannot help but acknowledge the challenges facing people around the world. As individuals, and as an organization, we have learned to manage these situations creatively, finding solutions amidst adversity. We hope to see this continuing trend of decline and re-emergence, and appreciate everyone’s input and feedback thus far.

That said, we must continue to be vigilant in reducing the spread of COVID-19, and more importantly, be prepared for a potential second wave. The health and safety of Brightside residents and staff continue to be our highest priority.

Looking ahead, Brightside is looking forward to transitioning from bi-weekly briefs to introducing a more community-based newsletter that will be distributed monthly. Planned to start distribution in August, the community-based newsletter will highlight informative, relevant local updates pertaining to both Brightside and to the broader community.

Even though we are ending the weekly COVID-19 Brief, we continue to invite anyone experiencing extraordinary hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic to contact our office by phone or by email and we may be able to provide assistance. You can contact us by email at, or leaving a voicemail at 604-684-3515 for more information.

As always, we continue to request that residents confirmed to have COVID-19 inform Brightside immediately. Your privacy is of paramount importance to Brightside and this information will be taken in confidence to help ensure protective measures are taken. And remember: Practice social distancing, wash your hands often, and stay safe.



Second Wave Prep Tips

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