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May 29, 2020

This week we want to take a moment to thank you, the Brightside residents, that make Brightside a true community. These past weeks have indeed been challenging for most all of us, but it has been your continued care for the social welfare of your neighbours, your community, and the Brightside team, that have demonstrated your resilience and resolve to truly get through this pandemic together.

If there is one thing we have learned amidst the difficulty and uncertainty, it is that people have a remarkable way of finding silver linings. We hear of folks finding solace in the small pleasures in life, like reaching out more often to friends and family, finding time for music, or even just catching up on television programs that they may not have had time to before COVID-19. The pandemic has provided us with time to spend doing things that bring us joy. We have also been reminded of the kindness of our neighbours, with some residents in the Brightside community checking that their neighbours have enough to eat. We are witnessing our community’s capacity for kindness and caring.

More broadly, we are learning about our society’s capacity to change. We are building an understanding of just how well we can cope. It is ok not to force yourself to be productive. You do not need to learn a new language, read all of your books, or master French cooking.

In this time of social distancing and general uncertainty, being a hero of the pandemic doesn’t have to mean working the frontlines. Acts as simple as picking up a jug of milk for your neighbour, checking in on a friend with a phone call, or even just choosing to stay home, are the small acts of valour that benefit us all. You have exemplified the “bright side” of COVID-19, and help us all find the silver lining in these otherwise anxious times. For that we thank you.

As always, we continue to request that residents confirmed to have COVID-19 inform Brightside immediately. Your privacy is of paramount importance to Brightside and this information will be taken in confidence to help ensure protective measures are taken.

If you are experiencing extraordinary hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we invite you to contact our office by phone or by email and we may be able to provide assistance. You can contact us by email at, or leaving a voicemail at 604-684-3515 for more information.

Practice social distancing, wash your hands often, and stay safe.

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