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Public Hearing: 1425/1451 East 12th Ave, Vancouver

The City of Vancouver will be holding a Public Hearing to hear from the public on the Rezoning Application for 1425 & 1451 East 12th Avenue, Vancouver – Brightside’s Loyal Orange Manor and Edward Byers House. Brightside’s goal with this proposed redevelopment is to provide additional secured, affordable non-market rental housing to residents of Vancouver in a period of crisis, with accessible housing for seniors and people with disabilities. The redevelopment would create opportunities for a social community to grow by creating distinctive indoor and outdoor spaces that are robust, beautiful, and connected to their context. Brightside’s plan to build to Passive House Certification standards would mean a sustainable building with a lower carbon footprint.

Support Affordable Housing

Public Hearings offer the chance for neighbours, community organizations, Vancouver residents, and supporters of affordable housing to comment and voice support for development proposals such as this one. Individuals wishing to comment on the proposed rezoning can do so by accessing the City website for this rezoning application, or may also elect to use the custom letter generator hosted by the BC Non-Profit Housing Association. Those wishing to speak on the rezoning must contact the City of Vancouver in advance of the Public Hearing. As the City is currently undertaking COVID-19 precautions, the Public Hearing will be held online, with access via internet or by telephone.




This redevelopment represents a significant step forward for the Brightside community, and a milestone in the history of the site as an affordable home for seniors living in East Vancouver.

A Legacy of Affordable Housing for Seniors


In 1960, Brightside (then known as the British Columbia Housing Foundation) purchased 1451 East 12th Avenue from a private citizen with financial aid provided by the Coordinating Council of Lions Clubs. The donated funds enabled Brightside to develop 36 affordable rental homes for seniors. The building was completed in 1962, and named “The Edward Byers House for Senior Citizens” after Edward Byers, dedicated past president of the BC Housing Foundation and long-time member of the Vancouver Central Lions Club.


Key in the decision to develop on the 12th Avenue site was the possibility of one day acquiring the adjacent City-owned land. In 1968, the land was purchased with funds from the Loyal Orange Benevolent Association, and with additional provincial grant funding the development of the site was possible. The new building, built to accommodate 21 residents, would be completed in 1971 and named “Loyal Orange Manor” as a nod to the women’s organization that was instrumental in securing the purchase and development of the new seniors home.


Safe, Secure, Sustainable, Affordable

60 years after the first affordable seniors housing was erected on the site, Brightside is working to continue the legacy of providing affordable and accessible homes for seniors and people with disabilities. Improved accessibility features and amenities such as elevators will help support seniors living independently to age in place. Building to Passive House Certification standards means higher efficiency and lower costs, and contributes to Vancouver’s Greenest City vision.

Adding approximately 157 new homes to the site will help keep seniors within their communities and near their social supports. All residents currently living at 1425 and 1451 E 12th Avenue will be offered the chance to move into the new building once it is ready for occupancy and will continue to pay rents calculated according to their household income.


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