Public Hearing for 1451 & 1425 E 12th Ave: How to Participate

Below are details for the Public Hearing and instructions on how to register:

Public Hearing Details:

  • The Public Hearing will start at 6pm on July 21st, 2020
  • Weblink to watch live Public Hearing:

    Note: The weblink is for audio and presentation materials only – those speaking (i.e. Mayor/Council, the applicant, and speakers) will not be visible on screen.

Speaker Details:

  1. You can register to speak in advance of the hearing (you can do this now) and will be assigned a speaker number
  2. You can request to speak online here:
  3. Alternately, to register, please either call 604-829-4238 or email letting them know which item you’d like to speak to (Item 4: July 21st Public Hearing for 1451 & 1425 East 12th Avenue).
  4. At this stage, the Clerk will assign you a speaker number and provide instructions for calling into the hearing.
  5. When it is your time to speak at the Public Hearing, you will have 5 minutes to share your comments. The Mayor and Council may ask clarifying questions afterward if they like.
  6. Note: After you call into the hearing there are no additional prompts; you will only be unmuted by staff once it is your turn to speak.
  7. Deadlines to request to speak:
    • Online: 5pm, day of the meeting
    • By telephone: 5:30pm and 6pm day of the meeting,
      call 604-829-4238

You can also refer to the City’s Staff Report below in case you’d like to refer to it: