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The Aster

About The Aster

349 East 6th Avenue

In partnership with BC Housing and Wall Financial Corporation (WFC), Brightside is pursuing an opportunity to develop 349 East 6th Avenue, adjacent to our Mount Pleasant Lions Manor building at 325 East 6th Avenue.  

The proposed building at 349 East 6th Avenue would replace Brightside’s current building, Mount Pleasant Lions Manor, located at 325 East 6th Avenue. The proposal is to replace the existing 36 units at 325 East 6th Avenue with 82 new units of affordable, secured rental housing for independent-living seniors, families, and people with disabilities at 349 East 6th Avenue.  

Because the new building is proposed for the site adjacent to the existing Brightside building, current residents at 325 East 6th Avenue will not need to temporarily relocate during the construction process, thereby minimizing disruption to current residents. All residents will have the opportunity to move into the new building once it is complete at the same rental rates based on income.

Progress Gallery

Photo taken outside fence of Brightside construction site at 349 East 6th Avenue, shows signage on fence and construction crane

Construction crane operational (November 2, 2022)

Corner street view showing a demolished lot surrounded by blue metal fencing with "Be kind" message taped on one side

Demolition complete (October 1, 2021)

Photo of active Brightside construction site, with construction machinery in large construction pit with work starting on base elevator shaft

Elevator shaft taking shape (November 2, 2022)

Demolished lot at 349 East 6th Avenue

Demolition complete (October 1, 2021)

Why "The Aster?"

All of Brightside’s residents, staff and Board, and select stakeholders had the opportunity to first provide thoughts and suggestions on possible names for the new buildings. The names were then shortlisted and put to a vote in the Brightside Community. The community chose the name The Aster for the new building.

The Great Northern Aster is a plant that is native to the area and thrives in wet conditions like those found in Vancouver. It is a hardy blooming shrub that looks beautiful and can be planted as part of the landscaping. We hope that residents will also thrive living in this building (regardless of the weather, season or challenges). It is also a unique and pretty sounding name, and lends reference to Great Northern Way which is a nearby street.

We are grateful to all of the Brightside residents, staff, and Board members that took place in our community engagement process, and are truly excited to see the new name adorn the entryway of our new building once complete.

Public Hearing: Approved


Brightside’s Rezoning Application for 349 East 6th Avenue was approved by Vancouver City Council on Dec. 10, 2020 with a single abstention.

Existing Building at 325 East 6th Avenue


  • 36 homes
  • Built in 1968
  • Two-storey wood frame
  • Limited accessibility features; no elevator
  • Residents are 100% seniors


Proposal for 349 East 6th Avenue


  • 82 affordable, secured rental homes
  • 12-storey concrete building
  • Built to Path B Low Emissions Green Building (LEED Gold) standards 
  • 100% Universal Design; 5% fully accessible
  • Amenity spaces and urban agriculture on rooftop and at grade
  • Homes for seniors, families, and people with disabilities


Public Open House Materials

View the display boards from Brightside's City-led Virtual Public Open House held June 29 - July 19, 2020.

Click here to download a PDF copy of this document.

Virtual Fly-through

View the 3D Model of 349 East 6th Avenue from the Public Open House

About Brightside Community Homes Foundation

Brightside is a non-profit organization that provides safe and secure affordable homes for those who are struggling to meet the demands of market housing, specifically seniors, families and people with disabilities.  

For nearly 70 years, Brightside has been providing affordable rental housing in Vancouver for people who are able to live independently. Brightside is one of the City’s largest and longest-standing housing societies, owning and managing 26 properties and providing homes for over 1,000 residents. 

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For more information about the 349 East 6th Avenue development proposal, please contact us at  (604) 831-7448 or by email at 

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