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All Brightside housing applications start with the Housing Registry, a housing portal administered by BC Housing. Whether you are looking for affordable market rental housing or provincially subsidized rental housing, all applications to rent with Brightside require you to go through the Housing Registry.


  • If you are looking for information on how to apply for provincially subsidized housing, click here.

  • If you are seeking information on Low-End-of-Market housing and do not require any subsidy, click here.


You can start your application on the Housing Registry now, or look at our FAQ below for answers to some frequently asked questions. To begin your application: Click the Housing Registry link or scan the QR Code to access the Housing Registry onlinetag heuer aquaracer replica watches.

Housing Registry


FAQ — Applying for Housing

Learn more about how to apply for housing, accessing the Housing Registry, rent subsidy eligibility, and other Frequently Asked Questions below.

Where do I apply for housing?

You can use the Housing Registry to apply for many types of affordable rental housing, including BC Housing subsidized rental homes, non-subsidized rental homes, and supportive housing. Access and apply for the Housing Registry online:

Can I apply directly to Brightside?

Brightside selects all housing applicants directly from the Housing Registry based on eligibility and applicant preferences/requirements.

Why does Brightside use the Housing Registry for all housing applications?

In short, the Housing Registry helps Brightside maintain waitlists, and assists Brightside in understanding what type of housing and/or subsidies an applicant is eligible for.

Metro Vancouver is experiencing unprecedented need for affordable housing, and with thousands of applicants, it is important that a system is in place to ensure homes are made available in a fair, equitable, and needs-based way. The Housing Registry is currently the most effective means of doing so. Brightside prescreens applicants from the Housing Registry based on time on the waitlist + urgency of need.

The Housing Registry includes listings for numerous housing providers throughout British Columbia, including subsidized and unsubsidized rental housing. To learn more about the types of housing available through the BC Housing Registry, visit

I only want to live at a Brightside building. How can I choose Brightside buildings when applying through the Housing Registry?

The Housing Registry assigns each building a special code. You can find the codes for each Brightside building in the table below this FAQ. You can select more than one building code when selecting your preferences. You may also opt to select “All Vancouver properties” to broaden your search beyond just Brightside properties.

How do I begin the application process?

To be considered for tenancy/housing with Brightside, you must have an active file with the Housing Registry

What's the difference between Brightside and BC Housing?

Brightside Community Homes Foundation is a charitable, non-profit housing society that operates in the private sector. BC Housing is the provincial housing entity accountable to the Minister of Housing through a Board of Commissioners.

BC Housing funds certain housing-related initiatives for private-sector non-profits like Brightside, such as capital improvements, building retrofits, and redevelopments of aging housing stock.

BC Housing also maintains Operating Agreements with non-profit housing societies that enable provincial government-supported housing subsidies for eligible individuals/families. Some of Brightside’s buildings have BC Housing Operating Agreements.

You can learn more about BC Housing here.


Am I eligible for Provincially subsidized housing?

To determine if you are eligible for subsidized housing, visit:

I've applied for the Housing Registry. Does that mean my rent will be subsidized by BC Housing?

Successfully applying to the Housing Registry does not guarantee you placement in subsidized housing; applicants must meet eligibility requirements for BC Housing subsidies, and will be notified once a home that meets your needs becomes available.

I don't need a BC Housing subsidy. Where should I apply?

Eligibility for BC Housing subsidy is not a requirement to sign up for the Housing Registry. You must still register on the Housing Registry to apply for housing with Brightside.

I've signed up for the Housing Registry. When do I get the keys to my new place?

The Housing Registry functions as a waitlist registry only. When you are next on the list, you will still be required to complete a housing application with a relevant housing provider (such as Brightside).

I signed up a while ago. How can I ensure my application status is up to date?

If you have already signed up, but need to refresh/reactivate/update your file (which should be done every 6 months), please contact their Housing Registry Inquiry Line at 604-433-2218, or 1-800-257-7756 outside the Lower Mainland.

I've changed my contact info. How can I be reached regarding my application?

Please ensure that you regularly/promptly update your file if you change your contact number and/or email address. You can update your file by calling 604-433-2218, or 1-800-257-7756 outside the Lower Mainland.

Is housing provided on a first-come first-served basis?

Yes. Brightside utilizes the Housing Registry to identify applicants based on their registry date. However, Brightside reserves the right to prioritize applicants that are at imminent risk of homelessness or are otherwise precariously housed.

When can I expect Brightside to contact me?

Once you are next in line on the Housing Registry and an appropriate unit becomes available, you will be contacted by Brightside and provided with a Brightside Housing Application Form to complete. Brightside is not, however, able to project average wait-times for when a unit will become available.

Brightside Building Codes on the Housing Registry

Find the Housing Registry Codes for Brightside's buildings in the table below:


Registry Code

Property Name



 DFO  Arbutus Court  2085 5th Ave W  Kitsilano
 DTA  The Aster  349 6th Ave E  Mount Pleasant
 ACL  Bridgeview Place  238 Davie St  Yaletown
 DFL  Burrard Manor  2330 Balsam St  Kitsilano
 ACB  Coleopy Park  5748 & 5788 Rupert St  Killarney
 DHK  Collingwood Tower  5657 Harold St  Killarney
 AIQ  First Lutheran Court  2672 41st Ave E  Victoria-Fraserview
 DFU  Florence Manor  1325 Burnaby St  West End
 DSF  Glynn Manor  520 7th Ave W  Fairview
 DFS  Gordon Fahrni House  1630 Barclay St  West End
 DFT  Harwood Manor  1222 Harwood St  West End
 DFH  King’s Daughters Manor  1400 11th Ave E  Grandview-Woodland
 AJK  Lions View Building I  2950 Euclid Ave  Norquay Village
 AJL  Lions View Building II  2980 Euclid Ave  Norquay Village
 DFW  Lions View Manor III  2975 Horley St  Norquay Village
 DFQ  Magnolo Manor  2675 Alder St  Fairview
 DFM  Moreland Kennedy House  2495 3rd Ave W  Kitsilano
 ACC  Muir Manor  2588 Nanaimo St  Renfrew-Collingwood
 DFN  Soroptimist Lions Manor  1444 13th Ave E  Grandview-Woodland
 DFR  The Londonderry  5550 Yew St  Kerrisdale
 DFK  Wallace Wilson House  1620 6th Ave E  Grandview-Woodland
 ACF  Wilson Heights Manor  1602 41st Ave E  Victoria-Fraserview

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