Cash donations

Although Brightside does not actively solicit donations from individuals, all support to our foundation is put into our New Sites and Redevelopment Fund to create new housing for low-income individuals and families.

As a CRA registered charity, all cash donations to Brightside are tax-deductible.

Donation of property

We would love to discuss possibilities of developing any property that you wish to donate for non-market housing. Although we can suggest benefits of donating land or property to a non-profit, please consult your accountant or financial planner first, as it is a complicated tax area.

Donation of securities

Since Brightside is a registered charity, your gift of publicly traded securities (stocks, income trust units, bonds and mutual fund units) are exempt from capital gains tax. Consult your tax accountant to determine how making a donation of securities would work to your advantage and contact us to find out how your donation would be used to support our vision.


If you are considering helping low-income seniors and families in your community by making a bequest to Brightside, please consult your lawyer about including such consideration in your will.

To discuss donation opportunities with Brightside, call (604) 684 3515 and leave a message for the Executive Director, or email us at