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Naming 8725 French Street

We want your input on naming Brightside's upcoming building at 8725 French Street

We want to hear from you, the Brightside community, about your thoughts and ideas for how we name our upcoming building in Marpole, at 8725 French Street. We expect the building to be complete sometime in 2024-25.

Brightside is looking for name suggestions that are inviting and welcoming to all who will call 8725 French Street home.

To submit your ideas, input your suggestions for names on the form below along with brief explanations on why you think these names would be a good fit for the new building.

If you have any questions please reach out to Liam or Roberto at 604-684-3515 ext. 308 or email

The last day to submit your suggestions is Friday, January 6th, 2023.

To help guide efforts in naming the new building, we have set out some guidelines for the new name, tied closely to Brightside’s values.

Brightside Values:

  • Being Progressive
  • Maintaining Clarity
  • Being Resourceful
  • Being Inclusive
  • Supporting Social Justice

Text reads: Supported by a story; Culturally appropriate; Connection to local geography, urban context; Meaningful and unique to the neighbourhood; Pleasant-sounding, conveys positive emotions; Broadly inclusive (not named after individual people)

Use this form to submit your ideas on how Brightside's new building could be named.

You may provide up to two name suggestions. Please limit your participation to one submission per person.
You may submit your suggestions anonymously, or you may include your Name, Building, and Unit Number. 

Naming 8725 French Street

8725 French Street

You may submit up to two name suggestions for 8725 French Street (former building name: MacLeod Manor).

Please note: Image above is an artist rendering and may be subject to change.


OPTIONAL: Enter your information if you would like us to know who submitted the suggestion(s) above.

This section is optional. You may submit your suggestions anonymously if you prefer.
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