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Brightside Seeking New Board Members (2024)

Seeking New Board Members

Area of Focus: Finance
Date of Posting Closure: January 2, 2024

[Accepting Applications]


Brightside Community Homes Foundation provides affordable rental homes for a community of residents that represent an array of backgrounds and lived experience. We believe that our Board of Directors should be representative of our resident community and are seeking new Board members to bring their unique voice to our Board governance.

We are proud of the diversity of our staff and management team, and our Board members bring excellent skills and a variety of life and work experiences. With this as a platform, Brightside continues to seek ways to wholly represent the needs, challenges, and diversity of the Brightside resident community. Brightside residents are seniors and older adults who live independently, people with disabilities, and families. A majority of Brightside residents have fixed or low income. Many have experienced homelessness or have been at risk of homelessness in the past.

We seek to fill one position on the Brightside Board of Directors with someone that brings a strong professional background in finance. We are prioritizing candidates that represent gender-diverse perspectives and ideally any of the multitude of communities with which Brightside residents identify, including refugees and newcomers, Indigenous Peoples, racialized, and equity-denied groups, people with diverse abilities, and folx who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+, among others.

New Board members do not need previous Board experience. We consider the most critical skills to include the desire to be guided in decision-making by Brightside’s values, the ability to think about issues objectively, to become actively involved in open and curious discussions, and to understand and accept other perspectives as part of the consensus-building process. While experience on a volunteer Board is a plus, we offer Board training and maintain a “Board-buddy” system for new Board members who need or want such support. Board members must reside in the Lower Mainland, and have some knowledge of the challenges facing renters in Metro Vancouver.


Who we are as an organization

Brightside’s mission is to build resilient communities, throughout Metro Vancouver, with safe and secure homes for those struggling to meet the demands of market housing. As a charitable, non-profit society providing affordable homes for over 70 years, we understand the need for our organization to reflect the communities we serve in a way that is just and equitable. To be most effective, we must be governed by people who understand the experiences of the communities we serve and of our residents.


More information on Board opportunities

As a Brightside volunteer Board Director, you will be one of up to twelve values-aligned individuals committed to the Brightside ambition of improving the number and quality of affordable rental homes in Metro Vancouver. Board meetings are held regularly on the fourth Tuesday of each month. You will also participate in standing committees, working groups, and other events.

For more information about the position, please see the Board Director role definition below, or download a PDF version of the role definition.

Maintaining Clarity

The way we go about our work and interact with others is always expected, communicated and delivered clearly and, most importantly, valued.

To maintain Clarity, we are fair, open, and consistent.

Being Resourceful

To provide the best service possible, we need to be open to change and eager to constantly improve.

To be Resourceful, we are rigorous, diligent, and are great problem solvers.

Being Progressive

We have achieved great things through bold ideas and a comfort in our leadership role.

To be Progressive, we are adaptive, flexible, and proactive.

Being Inclusive

We cannot do this alone. Everyone from our partners to our residents are part of us and must be valued equally.

To be Inclusive, we are respectful, approachable, and empathetic.

Supporting Social Justice

We are committed to a process of deconstructing colonial, patriarchal, and other discriminatory systems and structures that marginalize or create inequities in our society.

To support Social Justice, we are intentional in highlighting issues, taking action to create equitable opportunity, and actively advocating for our vision.

How to apply


If you feel connected to this work and to our mission, please send us a resume with a short supporting statement (300-500 words) highlighting why this opportunity would be beneficial for you and for Brightside. Your short supporting statement should say why you are interested in the role and what you would bring to it. Alternatively, you can respond with similar information in a letter of interest, or if you prefer, a short video (maximum 3-minute video length).

Please send the above – whichever method you choose – to by January 2, 2024.

Click here to download a PDF version of this Board recruitment post.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Frank Chong, Board Chair
William Azaroff, CEO
Brightside Community Homes Foundation

Posted on December 11, 2023

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